Our Stories

Behind every Urban Seoul dish is a story – the story of US. It’s about neighbors, friends and family sharing not just a meal, but an experience. Great food has the ability to bring people together from all walks of life and, like so many cuisines; Korean food has a magical way of uniting people to create a sense of community and adventure.

Our chefs bring people together through the magic they create in the kitchen. They combine the traditional with new flavors and techniques to create not just nourishment but food for the soul. Everyone who experiences Urban Seoul – from our chefs, staff and customers to our vendors – helps to define US.

Few of our own Urban Seoul stories!

“Mine would have to be mool nang myun (Korean style cold noodle soup). My mom would pick us up from daycare around 4-5 and take us to elephant restaurant on western (in koreatown and back then it was much better then it is now). I would always be so hungry and eat it real fast and end up choking on the noodles haha.”

Chef Kacy
Executive Chef, Urban Seoul

“My Urban Seoul story would definitely be duk mandoo guk…aka ‘surfboard soup’ that was perfectly al dente, sliced egg, a little crushed kim and black pepper and some slightly over fermented gak dugi!

I remember helping my mom make the mandoo and sealing the edges of the wonton skin with a raw beaten egg, cinching the edges on the round won ton skins to give it more ‘design’ and also joining the 2 points of the triangular shaped ones.  it was and is such a comfort food for me!!!

Interior Designer, Urban Seoul

“For me it was Jajangmyun (noodles in black bean sauce).  My dad would pack the family in the Chrysler and head to LA for our once a month Chinese food excursion.  I actually remember crying when my dad didn’t order me my own bowl of black noodles. Jajangmyun is for me my Urban Seoul story.”

Founder, Urban Seoul